The final event of the COSME SENTINEL project took place on 8 May in Turin, Italy. A day dadicated to European networking, started with the SENTINEL outcomes and continued with a pitching session by European companies with innovative technology solutions for the hospitality sector. The day ended B2B meetings between companies and between clusters and companies.

The final event was organized by Torino Wireless Foundation in collaboration with Environment Park and Enterprise Europe Network, the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international ambitions.

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What we talked about

The 4 European clusters of the Sentinel partnership have presented the project outcomes and launched an international strategy and the “WELLIANCE” brand that will identify the new SME supply chain with innovative solutions for the hospitality sector. SMEs in the WELLIANCE cluster will present themselves on the most promising non-European markets.


The OÖ Energiesparverband / Cleantech-Cluster presented “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies from Upper Austria”. Different companies and case studies of hotel Projects were showed.


Sara Gabarrón, CWP project manager, presented case studies of two projects. One of them, from the company Keiken Engineering with the project Desalination and Water Treatment at the Hospitality Sector. Keiken Engineering founded in 2015 offers all the experience in the implantation of industrial project. Combining energy-saving technologies with their Know-how it is possible to get important savings in facilities. The other one, the company Lavola with Water Footprint and Watertur Project. Lavola is a service company for sustainability with over 30 years of experience providing solutions in the following areas: consulting, communication and education for sustainability.


LEAPfactory presented Infrastructure solutions for tourist hospitality: innovative, ecological, suitable for IT integration. A world wide distribution plan and a strong R&D team.


evway is the travel network where you can find your favourite places on the evway App, book your vacation and spend your holidays at an evway Travel Network facility.


Enerbrain uses IoT and Artificial Intelligence for a smart use of energy and a better customer experience. Enerbrain presented three success stories: an hypermarket, an office and an hospital with energy savings up to 35%, delivering almost the 100% of time in comfort.


Modelway presented Data Driven Technologies and case histories for Smart Building Management as the enabling factor for control, diagnostic and prediction.


Smart LED lights manage the consumption control in complete autonomy. The embedded intelligence of the Ecolumiere platform enables a network of lights, achieving a continuous adaptation of the brightness based on the light from the outside environment, ensuring optimum lighting in each area and reducing energy consumption.


The world wide web must be used for two purposes: to loyalize clients and to get new customers. GulliverLAB is a powerful solution for Customer Acquisition in the Tourism Sector.


Our good health is increasingly threatened by dangerous contaminants that are often undetectable. This is why it is so important to replace the indoor air. Savio presented an interesting solution for CONTROLLED MECHANICAL VENTILATION: Thesan Aircare.


Floover 360° is the the integration of walls, floors and furniture that unify the design. 100% waterproof flooring combined with the splash for wet areas, custom wall coverings which are extremely resistant to scratches, the new flooring for corridors and made-to-measure vinyl furniture with the same finishes (color, texture and resistance) as the floor.

Download the event presentations