We implemented a research aimed to the identification of emerging markets for the tourism sector where the hospitality sector is expected to clearly grow during next years. The first evaluation has been finished and we identified 13 countries.

Tourism growth and hospitality sector development are two correlated variables, driving us to conclude that in these markets we can expected an environment plenty of business opportunities for those SME members of the partnership clusters working in the global value chain of the hospitality industry.

We analysed secondary data coming from international organisations, obtaining information about the 13 most interesting markets in terms of forecasting growth of the tourism, market size, economic development in the country and level of investments (public and private).

Following the identifying of the emerging markets, we will now verify the attractiveness of each of them for the project partners and the SME members. The aim is to have a pre-selection of the 4 priority markets.

Selecting a list of general Performance Indicators for the attractiveness of the market in terms of macroeconomics, tourism development, etc. and a list of specific PI for each cluster, we will build a double entry matrix. In the meanwhile companies will respond to a survey to select the countries they prefer.

The results of both analysis (SMEs preferences and Performance Indicators) will be used to prepare a preselection of the 4 priority markets.