Wednesday 8th May 2019 h. 15.00 – 19.00

Copernico Torino Garibaldi, New Conference Hall & Library

Corso Valdocco 2, Turin – ITALY

The event will present the COSME SENTINEL project outcomes and host a pitching session by sixteen european companies with innovative technology solutions for the hospitality sector.

It is organized by Torino Wireless Foundation in collaboration with Environment Park and Enterprise Europe Network, the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international ambitions.

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The meeting will open presenting the COSME SENTINEL project outcomes. The four clusters in the project – CENFIM and CWP from Spain, Cleantech-Cluster from Austria, and Torino Wireless from Italy – will launch the strategy for a long-term partnership to enable EU SMEs to approach emerging markets where the hospitality sector has a huge growth and therefore in finding market opportunities outside Europe.

Hotels and accommodation facilities, restaurants, travel agencies, tourist offices are increasingly called to revolutionize their offer with innovative technology solutions. From the management of high-efficiency facilities that use electricity, heat and water in a sustainable way, to ICT systems to make buildings smart and safe, to digital solutions that enrich and facilitate the travel and accommodation experience.

Twelve European tech-based companies and clusters will pitch their technology solutions to attract potential partners. This international matchmaking event will enable to speak to potential cooperation and business partners in an outcome oriented and above all time efficient manner. B2B meetings (each 15 minutes) will be arranged according to the requests that the participants will send during the pitch time.


15:00 – Welcome

15:30 – Keynote speaker

  • A brand-new strategy for European SMEs internationalization
    Joaquim Solana, Cluster Manager, CENFIM Home & Contract Furnishings Cluster 

16:00  Speed Pitching

12 European companies and clusters present in 5 minutes skills, solutions and technology innovation projects

  • The Most Powerful Solution for Customer Acquisition in the Tourism Industry
    Roberto Castellino, Castellino Software
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies: Case Studies from Upper Austria
    Eva Grafleitner, Cleantech Cluster
  • Sustainable Tourism: Water Footprint and Watertur Project
    Sara Gabarrón, CWP and LAVOLA
  • IoT and Artificial Intelligence for a Better Customer Experience
    Andrea Vassia, Enerbrain
  • Smart Building & Smart Communities: The Internet of Energy Prosumer View
    Paolo Decarlini and Massimo Amerio, Eurix
  • Floover 360: the integration of walls and floors unifying the design
    Jaume Carrera, Floover
  • Desalination and Water Treatment at the Hospitality Sector
    Sara Gabarrón (CWP Cluster) for KEIKEN Engineering
  • LeapHome building system: a dialogue between smart home and turist
    Stefano Girodo, Leap Factory
  • Data Driven Technologies for Smart Building Management
    Ilario Gerlero, Modelway
  • Sensor Connected Intelligent Lighting Devices
    Flavio Ghirardi, Neodelis
  • A new eMobility eXperience
    Franco Barbieri, Route220
  • THESAN Aircare: A Smart Solution for Residential Ventilation
    Alessandro Graizzaro, Savio

17:20 – Networking Break

17:40 – B2B Meetings

Scheduled 15-minute meetings for a first structured contact with speaker companies

19:00 – End of works

Why should you participate?

Share your ideas, problems, perspectives with interesting companies/organisations

  • Exchange experiences with smart solutions players
  • Extend your network
  • Find cooperation / business partners
  • Create new, innovative business models

Special topics

Any theme related to smart buildings, tourism and hospitality can be addressed and are most welcome: ICT – Energy Efficiency – Architecture and Building, Interiors Furnishings and Equipment – Water Management.

We will focus on:

  • Solutions for smart and safe buildings:
    • Building Management (integration and security)
    • Domotics and Automation
  • Solutions for marketing, booking and management to be apply in all phases of the hospitality lifecycle:
    • IoT and Big Data applications
    • Web and Mobile App with Advance UX and UI
  • Manufacturing building materials & energy technologies & water technologies:
    • Water and Energy-efficient Building Solutions
    • Solar & Energy Storage
    • Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems
    • Biomass Heating Systems
    • Thermal Systems
    • Water Management Tools and Optimization

B2B session

Each person in the room can request a 15-minute appointment for each speaker company. B2B meetings are organized in real time during the Speed Pitching session via Whatsapp instant messaging.

If requests for appointments exceed availability, priority will be given to members of ICT Cluster and Clever Cluster. Any requests in excess may be scheduled in the following days in conference call.

Who can support you?

The Torino Wireless Foundation organizes the event, together with Environment Park, and provides all the support to participants. The Torino Wireless’ mission is to support ICT companies in Piedmont (Italy) by fostering innovative approaches, strong regional networks and international cooperation.

Need help? Contact us:

Torino Wireless is member of the Enterprise Europe Network, the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international ambitions. The Enterprise Europe Network is active in more than 60 countries worldwide and helps businesses innovate and grow on an international scale.

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