The Sentinel project launched a survey to understand competences and resources required to operate successfully in international markets. Your answers will help us to identify a training plan to provide all the skills and knowledge to successfully enter markets selected by the project.

The aim of this survey is to understand the gaps among the capacities and resources required to operate successfully in the selected markets and the ones that SMEs interested to enter the different markets currently have in-house.

In concrete terms, it will measure the level of knowledge of those professionals in charge of developing and implementing the strategy to enter the Tourist emerging markets selected within the SENTINEL COSME project in relation to those aspects that we have identified as the key ones to successful enter the market.

The results will support the preparation of the D4.5 Clusters members capacities and training plan, which aim is to increase the knowledge and understanding of those professionals on the selected markets and thus to allow them to properly enter those markets and being in the condition to successfully face the related challenges.