From 31th of March to 4th of April an exploratory visit will take place in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharja, in the EAU.  Gianmarco Piola, Project Manager at Torino Wireless, will participate to the Future Technology Week in Dubai World Trade Centre.  Mr Piola will also take part to a structured business program, to meet in person potential partners and local market experts, and to develop potential collaborations and cooperation opportunities with different stakeholders from EAU.

The meetings of the agenda will be focus on the main hospitality sector agents (e.g. hotel groups )  as well as the most representative actors of the ICT sector.

The goal is to expand the markets for the companies associated to the Sentinel clusters and validation of the markets. Companies interested in specific activities in South Africa could contact us at

Sentinel project: markets validation

The sentinel consortium has organized exploratory visits to the 5 pre-selected Extra-EU markets in order to validate the main markets that the second phase project will target. The 5 pre-selected countries are USA, South Africa, Morocco, Mexico and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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